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Explore the SmartBuyGlasses Lookbook for Every Personality and discover great designer sunglasses recommendations no matter what your style is.



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  • Business Man

    For the classy businessman who looks sophisticated in a suit and even sharper in sunglasses. He loves upscale accessories and would love a new addition, designer sunglasses to be exact, to his collection.

    Guardalo indossato da una Celebrità

    • Ray-Ban
    • Ray-Ban RB3460 Aviator Flip Out Polarized
    • €170
    • 0 colors available
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    Tom Cruise

    Daniel Craig

    Hugh Jackman

    Gerard Butler

    A businessman is always on the go and a great pair of designer sunglasses can go with him everywhere. From conferences to business trips, he'll look great in Tom Ford Marko sunglasses, which were worn by Daniel Craig when he played James Bond. For a man who likes gizmos and gadgets, the Ray-Ban RB3460 Aviator Flip Out sunglasses with polarized lenses comes with 3 colors of interchangeable lenses that he can change to match his outfits.
  • Average Joe

    For your normal every-day guy who has a closet full of hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. Whether he's hanging out with the boys or driving to work, he'll love a new go-to pair of sunglasses that he'll wear as often as his favorite pair of jeans.

    Guardalo indossato da una Celebrità

    Ryan Gosling

    Miguel Angel Silvestre

    John Abraham

    Jason Statham

    Look to the stars for inspiration and get the iconic Persol PO0714 Folding sunglasses that were made famous by Steve McQueen and worn by Ryan Gosling and other celebrities. They can conveniently fold up so your average Joe can take them with him on the go. Try the Carrera Grand Prix 2, which is worn by Jason Statham.
  • The Athlete

    For the sports enthusiast who loves the outdoors and being active. Whether he's watching his favorite team play at the stadium or running at the park, he'll need the extra sun protection.

    Guardalo indossato da una Celebrità

    Matthew McConaughey

    Will Smith

    Kevin Manno

    Penn Badgley

    There is no better sports accessory than a pair of specialized sports sunglasses that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays while maintaining your vision so you can stay focused on the game. Worn by Will Smith in Men in Black, the Ray-Ban Predator 2 sunglasses has a wraparound shape that firmly stays on while blocking wind and debris. The Bolle Anaconda is multi-sport sunglasses with polarized lenses that are perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • Dad

    For the sensible father who favors function over fashion and would enjoy a pair of fully functional designer sunglasses with all the works, from polarized to driving lenses. He'll take them everywhere with him on family vacations, fishing trips, and summer barbeques.

    Guardalo indossato da una Celebrità

    Matthew McConaughey


    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Indulge in a pair of designer sunglasses that he'll use year after year. For those who drive, the Serengeti Lamone sunglasses are specially made to adjust to different driving conditions from dawn to dusk.
  • Hipster

    For the hip music-loving guy who goes to rock concerts, wears skinny jeans, and sometimes has a beard, tattoo, or piercing. He'll need a new pair of sunnies when he's out sipping artisanal fair trade coffee or riding his fixed-gear bike.

    Guardalo indossato da una Celebrità

    • Marc By Marc Jacobs
    • Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 287/S
    • €108
    • 0 colors available
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    Kid Cudi

    Orlando Bloom

    Gabriel Aubry

    Robert Pattinson

    From scarves to hats, hipsters are all about accessories. For something fashionable yet functional, the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer sunglasses will fit nicely in your pocket. For something less mainstream, the Persol PO2931S sunglasses worn by Gabriel Aubry have a nice keyhole bridge. The retro Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses will match his wardrobe of plaid shirts, worn-out jeans, and obscure t-shirts.
  • Sci

    For the savvy skier or snowboarder that hangs out on the slopes and at the ski lodge all winter long. He'll appreciate a new pair of ski goggles with fresh anti-fog, anti-smudge, anti-UV coatings when he heads to the mountains.

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    If those who love shredding snow, a new pair of snow goggles are perfect. Top sports brands like Bolle, Salice, and Electric have an excellent selection of ski goggles with all the works, including protection against UV, glare, smudges, and fog. For a pair that is light on your wallet, Bolle ski goggles are a great value. For a top of the line pair, Electric and Salice ski goggles will last season after season.